Slitter Rewinders

Elite Cameron Slitter Rewinders are known throughout the converting industry for their quality and reliability.  We have equipment from the 1930s still in use today.

We continue to build on that reputation, combining the latest technology with our 100+ years of experience to design and manufacture world class slitter rewinders. Our attention to detail and customer satisfaction is paramount for every machine.

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About Our Center Winders: 

Center Winders are among the most common slitter rewinders and provide a high-quality, cost-effective solution for a broad range of materials. With slit widths down to 1” (25mm) and rewind diameters up to 32” (800mm), these machines produce excellent results.

About Our Center Surface Winders: 

With both center-surface and minimum-gap winding modes, the Center-Surface winders provide excellent web control for narrow slit widths, delicate materials and large rewind diameters.

About Our Turret Winders

Turreted winders are ideal for reducing downtime and increasing throughput in a converting operation. While the machine runs, the operator can unload finished rolls and reload cores in preparation for the next running cycle.

About Our Two Drum Winders:

Two-Drum winders are ideal for slitting and rewinding up to large diameters and heavy weights at high speeds.