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Elite Cameron is a world leader in Slitting, Hot Melt Coating, Laminating and Core Cutting Machinery. With over 100 years of experience, we design and manufacture our equipment to process a wide variety of materials for a broad range of industries. Attention to detail is paramount and we partner closely with our customers to ensure that every machine fits the application.

Our equipment is available worldwide, with teams in both the UK and USA. Contact us today to learn more.

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World leaders in Slitting, Hot Melt Coating, Laminating and Core Cutting Machinery.
We build each machine to suit our customers needs.

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If your rewinding speeds are higher than 500 ft/min or your tension set-point is low, it is important to have lay-on rolls to prevent air entrapment. As the web moves at higher speeds, it will pull in air at the point of the rewind, and the...

Tip Of The Week: Choosing An Unwind

If you're looking at a new slitter, laminator, or hot melt coater it's important to understand your options for unwinds.When you're looking to purchase a new slitter rewinder, hot melt coater or laminator, there are several options when selecting the...

TIP OF THE WEEK: Shear Knife Life Span

The lifespan of shear slitting knives is directly related to the side pressure of the male knife (top) against the female knife (bottom). Higher pressure increases wear and thus decreases lifespan. Adjust the knife pressure or side loading to a...

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Unit 1 Albemarle Road
Taunton, Somerset TA1 1BJ
United Kingdom

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Elite Cameron TS Converting Equipment Ltd

U.S. Office

39 Enterprise Drive Suite 1B
Windham, ME 04062

Phone: (207) 894-7016
Fax: (207) 893 1905
Email: [email protected]

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