January 2024 

 UV acrylic hot melt adhesives offer several advantages over traditional solvent-based adhesives.

In the fast-evolving world of industrial adhesives, UV acrylic hot melt adhesives are emerging as a game-changer, offering distinct advantages over traditional solvent-based adhesives. These innovative adhesives are gaining attention due to their unique properties and the benefits they bring to various industrial applications. From being environmentally friendly to offering cost-effective solutions, UV acrylic hot melt adhesives are setting new standards in adhesive technology.

Of the several advantages, four stand out:

1) Environmentally Friendly: They do not require the burning off or reclaiming of solvents, leading to lower overall energy consumption. This makes them a more sustainable choice.

2) Low Capital Investment: The use of UV acrylic hot melts requires less equipment and real estate, contributing to a reduced initial investment compared to conventional adhesives.

3) Lower Operational Costs: Operating UV acrylic hot melt systems can be a one-person job, and the short make-ready time reduces waste, contributing to lower operational costs.

4) Compact Machine Footprint: These adhesives eliminate the need for dryers and solvent mitigation equipment, allowing for more efficient use of space.


UV acrylic hot melt adhesives are opening doors for a variety of organizations both large and small, coaters and non-coaters alike and creating new opportunities in the market.


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The company specialise in manufacturing innovative solutions for the slitting, coating and laminating of a wide range of substrates. Their CW and CS range of slitting machines have been exported worldwide with many large corporations selecting them as their preferred vendor.

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Their range of conventional and UV Hot Melt coating machines have been extremely popular with companies looking to move away from solvent and water-based systems.

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