We are pleased to announce that we have recently manufactured three precision Centre Surface slitting machines for converters.

All our Centre Surface machines can be run in contact with a driven roll using our soft nip technology or in minimum gap mode for delicate narrow slits. We have a long history of supplying machines for delicate, pressure sensitive products having dominated the NCR paper market for the last 25 years. Unlike the more common centre winder configuration this machine supports the narrow slit strips all the way from the slitting station to the rewind, preventing any movement or material elongation.

A 1300mm wide Duplex CS550 was supplied to Avon Adhesives in the UK for the conversion of their high performance security tapes, slitting to 6mm (1/4”) wide. This is one of the smallest machines in our range, designed for precise slitting registration to print using a dual axis guiding system from Fife.  Once set the machine can run narrow coils up 600mm  (24”) diameter at 300 metres/minute (1000 ft/min). The rewind shafts remain in the machine and are cantilevered for the removal of the finished reels.

The 1600mm (63”) wide, CS600 was supplied to a leading Tape converter in Europe and is equipped with our dual axis, automatic knife positioning system for the shear knives. This machine is designed for customers that have short runs at different sizes. The automatic system can set 80 pairs of knives precisely, in less than 3 minutes, effectively eliminating knife set up time.

Tape Case located near Chicago have purchased the next model up, a CS800 which is capable of slitting and rewinding 120 reels to 12.5mm (1/2”) wide and 800mm (32”) diameter! This is the second Elite Cameron machine this 3M distributer has purchased.

A variety of features such as Automatic tension control, tabbing, edge and line guiding, peel off roll, cantilevered and lift out Differential rewind shafts optimise the performance of these versatile machines.

These three contracts were secured as a direct result of our continued product development and activity in the self-adhesive industry. We intend to continue to specialise in making machines for very demanding applications and process all types of substrates.

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