New Jersey based Packing List Envelope Manufacturer Installs Elite Cameron Slitter Rewinder

New Jersey based, ADM Corporation recently purchased an Elite Cameron slitter rewinder model CW800HD with automatic unload. This well-equipped machine efficiently produces excellent quality finished rolls that meet the high standards set forth by ADM.

“We looked at several vendors and felt that the Elite Cameron solution provided us with all the features we required for our application,” comments Susan Mota, Vice President of Operations. “It has been a pleasure working with their team.”

Even though this duplex center winder is considered compact, it features many of the latest technologies in the Elite Cameron lineup. The shaftless pickup unwind makes short and easy work of unwind reels with diameters up to 40 inches and weighing over 2000 pounds. The laser core and knife positioning system ensures that whether using razor slitting or rotary shear slitting options, the finished reels are cut with precision and consistency. Once the finished rolls are accurately wound onto the two cantilevered differential shafts, they are quickly and easily unloaded using the roll ejection system, drastically reducing machine downtime. All of this is accomplished at high speed and under complete tension and web control.

“The new Elite Cameron CW800HD slitter offered ADM with a totally integrated roll handling solution and, like all Elite Cameron Machines, will provide ADM with years of consist rewound quality rolls for their customers,” remarks Bill Strake Regional Sales Manager with Elite Cameron. “It’s one of the many well engineered slitter-rewinders we manufacture.”
ADM Corporation, located in Middlesex, New Jersey, is a leading supplier of pressure-sensitive envelopes, packaging products and re-closable and polyethylene bags. They offer fast and reliable service which is evident by their long list of happy customers.

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