December 2023  

Elite Cameron, Inc Installs UV Hot Melt Coater to Midwest Label Company

Elite Cameron Inc, recently installed another UV Hot Melt coater for use at a family owned label manufacturer.

“The customer wanted to bring their coating in-house and not be beholden to their supplier,” comments Rob McNamee, BDM for Elite Cameron.  “This machine has allowed them to take more control of their process and will enable them to develop and expand their product portfolio.”

The machine is a model HM450 with 17″ coating width, slot die coating head, UV curing, lamination, slitting and duplex rewinding.  These features make it exceptionally versatile for coating and laminating various label stock. 

“We see this as an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the value of UV hotmelts,” says McNamee.  “Compared to a solvent based coating machine, the size and cost are drastically reduced making the technology very appealing to organizations both large and small. ” 

 In addition to small machine footprint and lower cost, UV curable hot melt machines do not use solvent, therefore reducing the environmental impact as well as the barrier to entry for companies looking to invest in new coating technology. 

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About Elite Cameron, Inc | TS Converting, Ltd.

The company specialise in manufacturing innovative solutions for the slitting, coating and laminating of a wide range of substrates. Their CW and CS range of slitting machines have been exported worldwide with many large corporations selecting them as their preferred vendor.

They specialise in providing tailored designs that suit the customers’ requirements often incorporating roll handling, packing and transportation solutions.

Their range of conventional and UV Hot Melt coating machines have been extremely popular with companies looking to move away from solvent and water-based systems.

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