February 2024 

Elite Cameron, Inc enjoys another successful factory acceptance

Elite Cameron, Inc. recently conducted another successful factory acceptance test (FAT). At their factory in Taunton, UK the customer reviewed the capabilities of their Center Surface Slitter Rewinder. Elite Cameron’s team, including Matthew Chamberland and Louise Lynham, showcased the machine, headed to the Midwest United States.


The CS800 model features a shaftless pick-up unwind, automatic edge guide and tension control, precise shear slitting, and heavy duty duplex center surface rewinding. Designed for exceptional web handling, this machine will enable the customer to efficiently slit various coated and dry paper into very narrow widths and large diameters, further demonstrating the superior performance and versatility of Elite Cameron slitter rewinders.



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About Elite Cameron, Inc | TS Converting, Ltd.

The company specialise in manufacturing innovative solutions for the slitting, coating and laminating of a wide range of substrates. Their CW and CS range of slitting machines have been exported worldwide with many large corporations selecting them as their preferred vendor.

They specialise in providing tailored designs that suit the customers’ requirements often incorporating roll handling, packing and transportation solutions.

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