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Slitting & Rewinding Machines

About Our Slitter Rewinders: Elite Cameron Slitter Rewinders are known throughout the converting industry for quality and reliability.  We regularly encounter our equipment from the 1940s and older still in use today!

We continue to build on that reputation, combining the latest technology with our 100+ years of experience to design and manufacture world class slitter rewinders.  Our attention to detail and customer satisfaction are paramount for every machine.



Centre Slitter Winding Equipment by Elite CameronCenter Winders

About Our Center Winders:Center Winders are an excellent cost-effective slitter rewinder choice for the majority of converters.  With both duplex and simplex rewinds, this family of machines can slit and rewind a variety of materials from 1” slits to full web widths.


Center Surface Slitter Winding Equipment by Elite CameronCenter Surface Winders

About Our Surface Winders:Center surface slitter rewinders are excellent solutions for slitting materials that are delicate, or require slit widths narrower than 1”.  These machines provide complete control of the web and ensure quality finished reels.


Heavy Duty & High Speed Slitter Rewinding Machines by Elite CameronHeavy Duty / High Speed

About Our Heavy Duty & High Speed Slitter Rewinders:Applications requiring high-speed slitting and rewinding to large diameters and heavy weights are well suited for the Two-Drum (TD) surface winders and heavy-duty center surface winders.  


Rewinding Machines by Elite CameronRewinders

About Our Rewinders: Salvage winders or “Doctor” winders can repair badly wound reels.  The machine, as with all Elite Cameron equipment, is customized to suit the application.


Turret Style Slitter Rewinder by Elite CameronTurret Rewinders

About Our Turret Rewinders: Turret slitter rewinders provide excellent increases in productivity by reducing down time.  Coupled with features like automatic web cut-off and transfer, this machine family is a great solution for increasing throughput.


About Slitter Rewinders

Slitter rewinders have been a key component to the converting industry since their inception over 100 year ago, and Elite Cameron’s roots can be found at the beginning.  Slitter Rewinders are generally defined as having an unwind for the parent or master roll, a slitting section - with shear razor or score knives -  and a rewind section with one or multiple shafts.  The configuration of each of these will vary depending on the application.