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Elite Cameron Laminating Machines

We manufacture a comprehensive range of Hot and Cold Laminators for the combination of a wide range of substrates from thin, delicate or stretchy materials up to rigid less compliant products. Primarily used in the Self Adhesive, Medical, Automotive and Aerospace industries each machine is manufactured to suit individual requirements.  They can be configured to run: Sheet to Sheet, Roll to Sheet or Roll to Roll.
The materials can be heated prior to lamination using infra red heaters and/or electric, high pressure water or oil heated lamination rolls after which chilling can be provided to reduce the temperature prior to rewinding or sheeting.
A wide wariety of unwinds and rewinds can be supplied including driven or braked, cantilevered, portable, shafted or shaftless units to handle all sizes and weights of rolls. 

Machine Model LM600 LM1600C LM1600 LM2500
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Construction CantileveredCantileveredCantilevered/SupportedSupported
Web Widths (mm) 600mm (24")1600mm (63")1600mm (63")2500mm (98")
Maximum Speed 100m/min
Rewind Diameter (mm) 600mm (24") 1200mm (47") 1200mm (47") 1200mm (47")
Unwind Diameter (mm) 1000mm (40") 1000mm (40") 1000mm (40") 1000mm (40")
Core Size (mm) 76mm (3") - 152mm (6")76mm (3") - 152mm (6")76mm (3") - 152mm (6")76mm (3") - 152mm (6")
Tension Control Auto Auto Auto Auto
Slitting Options Optional Optional Optional Optional
No Of Drive Motors 2 motor2 motor2 motor2 motor
PLC AB Or SiemensAB Or SiemensAB Or SiemensAB Or Siemens
Touch Screen Controls StandardStandardStandardStandard
Safety Standards CE or ULCE or ULCE or ULCE or UL