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Centre Winders
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Machine Model > CW600 CW800 (S) CW800 (A) CW800 (AH)
Parameters V
CW800 (S)
CW800 (A)
CW800 (AH)
Machine Style Swing out Cantilever Rewind ShaftsFixed Shaft with GateFixed Shaft Gate (Fully Automatic)Fixed Shaft (Auto Reel Handling)
Max Web Widths (mm) 2000 mm2000 mm2000 mm2000 mm
Max Unwind Dia (mm) 1500 1500 1500 1500
Max Rewind Dia (mm) 610 800 800 800
Rewind Core Dia (mm) 50 to 15050 to 15050 to 15050 to 150
Max Speed (mpm) 400600600600
Slitting Methods
Shear Tangent Wrap StandardStandardStandardStandard
Crush Score StandardStandardStandardStandard
Razorin air groove Option Option Option Option
Rewind Mode
Differential OptionStandardStandardStandard
Torque Standard Standard Standard Standard
Touch screen OptionStandardStandardStandard
PLC PC Control StandardStandardStandardStandard
Industrial PC - OptionOptionOption
Lay On Rollers
Full width or Individual OptionOptionOptionOption
Turret Rewind
Turret Rewind -Option -Option/Driven
Drive Options
DC, AC, Digital and Servo available
Draw / Nip roll or 'S' wrap configuration
Automatic engagement of slitting knives
Machine Options
Automatic knife positioning •Manual (digital) knife positioning
Static elimination equipment
Laser core alignment •Automatic core cutting
Automatic splicing / slit tail attachment
Trim & dust removal systems
Trim (bobbin) rewinders •Label printer •SCADA (data acquisition)
Programmable lay on roll pressure •Web cleaning
Web inspection systems •Removable rewind shafts for wide web widths
Automatic core loading & positioning •Automatic roll pushers
Handling Options
• H20 Roll Unloader • Power Lifter • Roll Up Ender • Receiving/Palletizing Station • Fixed Roll Receiving Station • Auto Roll Unloader • 6-axis Auto Palletizing Robot
Unwind Stand Options
• Line/edge servo-actuated line system Mechanical or pneumatic core chucks • Floor pick up (4,000 lbs. max.) 
• Full travel arms for roll width ranging from 12" - 63" Unwind tension control by dancer roll or load cells 'Pack roller' for exposed adhesive peel-off • Walkover platforms Splicing tables (various configurations) Web peel - off rollers 
• Unwind oscillation Friction or regenerative braking
Please note. Other non - standard options can be supplied