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Auto Knife Setting

Automatic Knife Positioning Systems for Auto Knife Setting

The Elite Cameron range of Automatic Knife Positioning Systems is specifically designed for retrofit between the frames of all types of web production machinery. They automatically position knives rapidly and accurately to the commands entered at the control panel. Each system has been carefully designed for ease of use, accuracy and long term reliability.

All the knife positioning systems are very compact and constructed as a complete module between two steel side frames. This allows for efficient in-house performance testing and rapid on site installation. We offer systems of up to 4000 mm web width, for all configurations of Shear, Crush and Razor slitting with minimum slit widths down to 20 mm for Shear and 10 mm for Crush and Razor.
Elite Cameron Automatic Knife Positioning Systems also give greatly improved operator safety, by removing the need for regular knife and operator hand contact.

Elite Cameron Automatic Knife Positioning Benefits

Other Major Benefits Include: -

    •    Very Fast - Virtually Eliminate Knife Setting Times
    •    Greatly Reduced Operator Knife Setting Errors
    •    Increased Productivity Due to Vastly Reduced Down Times
    •    Almost Eliminate Reject Reels
    •    Very Accurate Slit Widths
    •    Excellent Value With Superior Designs
    •    Improved Slit Quality
    •    Cost Effective Solution to Slitting Problems
    •    Reduced Knife Wear
    •    Short Break Even and Pay Back Times

Design and Manufacture

Design and manufacture takes place at our Taunton works, where attention to detail, quality and finish is given the highest priority, ensuring excellent reliability with the minimum of maintenance. Each unit is fully tested at our works prior to despatch. Only quality components and materials are used to ensure the utmost reliability and long service life.

Elite Cameron Automatic Knife Positioning Systems - The Solution to Your Knife Setting Problems!

If you are interested in Automatic Knife Setting please complete the enquiry form below and we’ll contact you to discuss your application.